living that yogi life

I have practiced yoga every day for the past week.

Yes, be impressed, it is pretty impressive – for me.

Yoga is one of those things I’ve always said I’d like to do, one of those things that would probably be really good for me if I could only just get myself motivated enough to put on some stretchy pants and lie on the floor.

Naturally, I blame the universe.

There aren’t any yoga classes near me. All the yoga apps on my phone aren’t good enough. The DVD I bought is in French, and there’s a weird man in it and he’s wearing a very unsettling crop top.

Despite the challenges stacked against me, I had another crack at it; purchasing All-In Yoga on my Macbook.

I found it was actually quite good, with various ready-made routines, the facility to make your own programme (because I totes know my way around an asana), nice relaxing music, and step-by-step audio instructions.

I took my laptop and my yoga mat (yes, I have a yoga mat) outside on the terrace early one morning, as the sun was just settling into the sky, and a light breeze coaxed the garden from sleep.

It was amazing. My chakras were grateful. My intestines luxuriated. My soul giggled with delight.

And all this after just 12 minutes!

Well, yes, so I haven’t managed much longer than 12 minutes a session so far, but just the mere fact that I have been consistently doing this thing; this thing that everyone wishes they did – is a pretty big step.

My downward dog has become slightly more pointy, my upward dog less breathless; even my corpse pose is corpsier.

Flexibility and mindfulness. That’s all I’m looking for.

And yoga might just be delivering; finally.

I won’t hold my breath though. They don’t like it when you do that.