Art + Luxury: A winning formula for marketing high-end brands

In today's marketing landscape, luxury brands and the art world co-exist on a mutually beneficial basis. It makes sense after all - they share a lucrative cross-section of the population, a customer segment that may find itself equally excited over a limited edition designer handbag as a new sculpture from a buzzed about artist.

The line has been well and truly blurred of late, with art and luxury colliding to create the kind of cross-promotional opportunities the average brand could only dream of.

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Kyoto Tower: Unlikely Manga Mecca

If you have in fact been to Kyoto, say, in the last 50 years, it's quite likely you will have come across a structure that stands apart from the incredible surrounds. Well, up, and apart.

The Kyoto Tower. The tallest building in Kyoto by a country mile, and not only the tallest, most visible, entirely unmissable - but quite possibly the ugliest.

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Hannah Keys