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do what you love & love what you do.



I'll take care of the telling-people-about-it bit.





   marketing/ pr/ copy

Go on, tell me everything. The best way to help you is to know you, and I'm ready to deep dive into your strengths, your weaknesses, your hopes and fears to help your company communicate with the outside world.

Together, we'll find your brand's voice and I'll let it speak, sharing your message, no matter how tricky, no matter the audience; in an engaging, free-flowing style that inspires and/or cements a thriving community.

I specialise in persuasive, original content and highly personalised, results-driven strategies, fuelled by my endless curiosity and flat-out obsession with all things marketing.




Conversion-focused eCommerce content

How do we get visitors converting to sales? Let me count the ways! Every word, every touch point across your eCommerce assets is an opportunity to build trust, desire and intent within your users; from your product description pages, to your blog, to your social media presence. Read more about my experience with online retailers or check out examples of my fashion editorial style.


Communicating complex propositions to market

Disrupting the market with a new technology, product or way of doing things? Half the battle is communicating your proposition to potential customers.



Tailored media and marketing strategy

Confused about where you should focus your marketing efforts? With your business objectives in mind, I can provide a marketing strategy to get the results you're looking for.

Need some rich content for social media or your website? Let me at it!

 I'm a keen photographer, handy with video and more than comfortable in front of the camera myself.


I've had so many amazing opportunities to see the world in the past decade, living in five different countries (if you count NZ, which I do!) and travelling throughout Europe, Asia, the Pacific and North America. I've seen up close and personal the way international companies market to their customers - how Pret-a-Porter manages to sell £776 million worth of sandwiches annually; why French men buy clothes emblazoned with the words 'Eden Park'; and that Japanese retailers offer mesh head bags to customers trying on clothes, virtually eliminating losses on damaged stock. Even how companies like Yelp and FourSquare created the 'review' culture, and the way leaving a rating comes almost as naturally to an American as tipping their waiter. 

For better or worse, New Zealand has been hanging at the back end of the digital revolution - so it makes sense to look to the international markets to show us what's possible, and how we can make big things happen in little ol' Aotearoa.